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  • Looking at things differently
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Aviation Support

Who are we?

Aviation Support Limited was founded in 1986, we are a niche aviation specialist that only move Aviation related goods and are recognised as one of the oldest and few aviation only forwarders.

We like to think we are different from the competition. We are owned by one of the largest privately owned UK integrated logistics companies, Mapcargo Global Logistics. That financial backing gives Aviation Support the strength to compete globally with anyone.  Our staff have the experience and are trained to make decisions, take accountability, and to effectively communicate internally and externally with our clients. We deliver.

We don’t operate call centres, just real people, here in the UK. We try to be innovative, looking into the future and helping to mould our industry as the world changes.

As a privately owned company we carefully select ‘best in class’ partners around the world,…usually owner managed companies, with people just like us. We like to call them ‘local heroes’. We meet with them face to face regularly, communicate on a personal level and we all care about each other and our respective clients. That all shows in our amazing service and length of partnerships.

Aviation Support, and its parent company Mapcargo are non-asset based. That means we don’t own aircraft, ships, trains, or many trucks. Non-asset based gives us total flexibility to select best in class carriers, anywhere in the world. Carriers like Aviation Support,….we are their best sales team, and long term partners. Aviation Support have some unique contracts with carriers that give amazing flexibility and affordability, along with industry leading innovation.

Our systems are built around our client’s needs, not just ours! We can tailor the systems to suit our client and their processes, we offer connectivity with most of the world’s purchase order and warehouse management systems

So, Aviation Support can help you….allow us to be part of your team and your future success.


Aviation Support Ltd. Unit 1A Westgate One, Staines Road, Bedfont, Middlesex, TW14 8RS